Dynospeed SPEC 3.0 - 1/10 Sensored 13,5 Turns

Dynospeed SPEC 3.0 - 1/10 Sensored 13,5 Turns

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Dynospeed SPEC 3.0 - 1/10 Sensored 13,5 Turns



The Team Corally SPEC Stock modified class brushless motor series is a high performance motor line developed around trend-setting technologies.
We at Team Corally's R-D department only have highest efficiency and maximum power in mind, when we designed this line of high-performance motors.
The result speaks for itself: impressive performance, more power, more top-end and this all keeping the motor temperature lower. The motors are made with high grade materials and every motor is balanced using state of the art balancing machines.


o Precision machined T6 aluminum motor can
o High purity copper windings maximizes conductivity
o High power solder tabs
o Removable and replaceble rotor
o Powerful sintered Neodymium magnet
o Improved stator design for higher efficiency
o Dual Sensor Port
o Adjustable Timing
o Compatible with all Sensored/ Sensorless ESC
o Compliant with EFRA, BRCA, IFMAR, ROAR rules

Power Specs:

Poles: 2-Pole
N° of Windings: 13.5T
KV: 3050
N° of Li-xx Cells: 1-3S
Max. Current (A): 50A
No Load Current (A): 1.3A

Tech Specs:

Motor Length: 52.6mm
Motor Diameter: 35.8mm
Motor Shaft: 3.17mm
Sensor Ports: 2 Ports
Adjustable Timing: Yes
Weight: 166g

Motor Shaft ø:3.17 mm
Motor ø:35.8 mm
Adjustable Timing:Yes
Sensor Ports:2 Sensor Ports
Motor Shaft ø:3.17 mm
Motor ø:35.8 mm
Motor Length:52.6 mm
No Load Current (A):1.3 A
Nr of Cells:1 - 3S
Motor KV:3050 KV
Turns:13.5 Turns
Max. Current (A):50 A


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