Tire Juice 33 - Red - Asphalt / Foam 100ml

Tire Juice 33 - Red - Asphalt / Foam 100ml

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1 l = 159,50 €

Tire Juice 33 - Red - Asphalt / Foam

All racers around the world still remember the outstanding Team Corally tire traction compounds TC-2, TC-5 etc...
Well we made them even better, much better...
The Team Corally TIRE JUICE has been developed in conjunction with World and European Champions to provide the highest level of grip with unprecedented levels of consistency from the start of the race to finish line. In formulating the TC TIRE JUICE careful consideration was given to extending the life of the tire and even though TC TIRE JUICE provides the traction champions require it also helps reduce tire wear.

The TC TIRE JUICE 33 - RED is ideally suited for foam tires on asphalt but also works well on rubber tires.
You will go faster with the all new formulated TC TIRE JUICE 33 - RED

- Dauber brush for easy application
- 100ml content
- Color coded liquid for easy product recognition
- Made in Europe
Applicator:Dauber Brush
Content (ml):100 ml
Tire compound:Foam Tires

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Bestellnummer C-13761

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