IR Temperature Gun

IR Temperature Gun

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IR Temperature Gun

The Team Corally infrared temperature gun is a highly useful non-contact tool specially designed for use with R/C engines, motors, battery packs, battery chargers, electronic speed controllers, as well as hundreds of other applications. To use, simply aim the infrared thermometer at the target and press the measurement button to quickly and easily display the surface temperatures.

o High speed and accurate infrared sensor
o Four slectable scan modes
o Quick Mode / Scan Mode / Max. Value / Min. Value
o Selectable Celsius and Fahrenheit scale
o Temperature range -40°C - 380°C (-40°F - 716°F)
o Adjustable infrared emissivity coefficient
o Large easy-to-read LCD display, with backlight
o 1 minute auto-off timer conserves battery life


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Bestellnummer C-41000

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