Carisma Adventure - MSA-1E Coyote - RTR - 1/24 Scale

Carisma Adventure - MSA-1E Coyote - RTR - 1/24 Scale

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Carisma Adventure - MSA-1E Coyote - RTR - 1/24 Scale

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Ever wanted to run your Scale rig but the weather, or your location stopped you?
Well, Carisma Scale Adventure now bring you new models that will allow you to run anywhere a larger rig can't.
The 1/24th MSA-1E rigs have been designed from the ground up to not only look the part, but also perform way beyond their stature.

The sofa in the lounge becomes a range of mountains, floor cushions become giant boulders, your desk the great indoors, the backyard a never-ending wilderness.
The only limits these rigs have is your own imagination (and possibly how predatory the local cats are!). Test both your driving ability and your course building ingenuity.
Drive from point A, to point B, via point Z!

Portable, affordable and fun, the new Mini Scale Adventure rigs bring the detail and looks of our SCA-1E platform and distil its essence. Supplied as complete RTR packages, with their highly detailed bodyshells, 2.4GHz radio gear, locked axles, High torque steering servo and motor, a sturdy shaft driven driveline, 4-link suspension, optimised weight bias and high-grip, all-terrain tyres, these Tiny Trucks are designed for having Huge Adventures.

The MSA-1E Platform is also ‘FPV Ready’, with a dedicated power socket to power All-in-one FPV Cams.

MSA-1E Coyote RTR Features:

- Full time 4WD, with Locked Diffs
- Brand New 2.4G KD PROPO Radio. With Smart Throttle 1-2-3 (Beginner mode, - Intermediate and Expert Throttle Profile)
- Brand New KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag brake
- Build in 5V Port for FPV module and LED Port ready
- Micro Servo (3 wires)
- USB Charger
- 130MAH NiMH Battery
- AA Battery included
- Super High torque Micro Motor with HeatSink
- Velcro Style Body attachment
- Spring Dampers
- Prepared for optional LED-Light Set CA-16086

Technische Daten


Carisma RC


1-24 Scale

Car Model Type

Electric Offroad 4WD Scale Truck RTR

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Weight (g)

242g (267g with RTR battery)


4WD Shaft Driven

Battery Type

7.2V 130mah NiMh battery pack

Battery tray dimensions

(L x W): 50mm x 22.5mm


USB-powered battery charger 100mA

RC functions


Required items

A True RTR with AA's, NiMH Pack and Charger included

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