Karo Teilen 1/10 Zubehör Satz

Karo Teilen 1/10 Zubehör Satz

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Karo Teilen 1/10 Zubehör Satz

True-scale crawling is an addiction, a way of life, a passion. Pro-Line has recognized your passion for scaling and stepped-up to the plate with a variety of injection-molded, hand-painted accessories for 1:10 crawling and 1:10 monster trucks.

Scale Accessory pack #1 includes cooler with cover, winch box with tow strap and cover, gas can, and HD winch. Each is injection-molded and hand painted.

When you’re looking to fulfill your passion for scale crawling, then check out Pro-Line’s latest scale accessories for 1:10 crawlers and 1:10 monster trucks.

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Bestellnummer PL6040-00

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