Ripmax Quartz Q553 Brushless HV Servo

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Ripmax Quartz Q553 Brushless HV Servo

The This high quality, high performance servo is intended to appeal to discerning modellers that only want the best. It's plastic case, ball-race, plastic gears, regular motor and digital amplifier provides the perfect solution to your servo needs at an unbelievable price.

The case centre is CNC machined from solid Aluminium for the very best in strength and rigidity. The Main Case is made from heavy duty plastic helping to reduce cost and weight.

Check through the specifications and performance and we are sure you will agree!
Totbereich:1us 1520us / 330hz
Verbinder:JR Style
Lager:2 x BB
Abmessungen:40.5 x 20.5 x 40mm
Geschwindigkeit:0.13sec / 60° @ 6V
Geschwindigkeit:0.11sec / 60° @ 7.2V
Kraftmoment:26.7kg / cm
Kraftmoment:33.7kg / cm
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